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Myth Buster

Myth: The Liberal Democrats support a mansion tax
Fact: The Liberal Democrats DID support a mansion tax in their 2015 manifesto but the Liberal Democrats DO NOT support a mansion tax in the 2017 manifesto.

Myth: Tim Farron is homophobic
Fact: When Tim Farron was asked if he thought being gay was a sin in the House of Commons he said ‘no I do not’. He later said that his defining cause in life was “celebrating people’s right to be who they are, to love who they love, to marry who they marry”.

Myth: Tim Farron voted for the tuition fee rise and therefore can’t be trusted
Fact: Tim Farron voted AGAINST the tuition fee rise. Referring to Nick Clegg’s earlier pledge not to raise fees—and the previous long-standing Liberal Democrat policy of abolishing them—he said: “Integrity is important. You must not only keep your word but be seen to keep your word. You can say no.”

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