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Kensington switches to the Liberal Democrats

The time is ripe for change in Kensington. Residents are switching to the LibDems, because they are fed up with fed up with both Conservative policies and the aura of entitlement that comes from taking voters for granted. Of course, there is also the fundamentally problematic issue of Brexit. While Kensington voted 7/10 to Remain; our MP, Victoria Borwick, inexplicably campaigned to Leave – but there are other issues roiling constituents …

Across Kensington, there is outrage at an “out of control” Tory leadership


This is what we heard canvassing one street. Conservatives have abandoned economic stewardship and allowed skilled job destruction; fund the NHS poorly and were mean-spirited in removing free school meals; allegedly involved in expense fraud and oddly obsessed with fox hunting; planning to lift the ban on ivory (seriously!) while failing to support schools; have failed to tackle pollution and persisted in attacking junior doctors; and, as the last straw, there is the knowledge that Mrs. May supported the drastic reduction of police funding.

More police, answering the telephones and out in the community, could have prevented the murderers in Manchester and at London Bridge.

Residents voted 7/10 against Brexit because they know the damage it will bring

What has emerged on the doorstep is a simmering discontent from the far north to the deep south of this constituency. The bizarre choices of Conservative leadership, and the unreasonable decision to pursue a hard Brexit, show that Mrs. May puts party unity above Britain’s national interest.

Police numbers were slashed by 19,000 officers during Theresa May’s stint as Home Secretary Labour voters are disenchanted by the strife within their party, and have concerns about the grab bag of un-costed goodies that Corbyn is offering to voters. Kensington residents are telling us “enough is enough”.

Switching LibDem from Conservative: Miranda

“As a confirmed and passionate European, there is only one party I can possibly vote for this election and that is the Liberal Democrats. In Kensington, they also happen to be fielding in Annabel Mullin, an outstanding candidate, who I feel will best represent the people in Kensington most in need of effective representation in Parliament. She offers an already longstanding and impressive commitment to fresh, in-depth thinking and problem solving (PhD) that reminds me of my late father Brandon Rhys Williams, Kensington’s MP for 20 years, until his untimely death in 1988 [1968-74 South Ken and then after boundary changes, Kensington 1974-1988]. Many people will remember him for his care and commitment to the poorest and most disadvantaged in the constituency especially in North Ken via his tenancy and leasehold reform bills, welfare reform, successful battles with the then Thatcher Govt to keep child benefit universal, paid to mothers and in line with inflation, etc, etc  ”.

“Sadly since his time, the Tories seem committed to fielding Tory grandees for Kensington, doling out the seat as if a prestigious prize for good behaviour and ignoring the needs of those in the constituency most in need of committed and innovative Parliamentary representation.

“Annabel’s ambitions for introducing problem solving legislation for Kensington via Private Members Bills reminds me of my father and is in sharp contrast to the current sitting MP who’s track record in Parliament has shown a woeful lack of forward thinking on the major issues facing us in today’s world.

“We need thoughtful, innovative and driven Parliamentarians, prepared to understand modern life problems and develop forward thinking policies for the future. This election is your chance to vote in an exciting new kind of MP for Kensington who will bring positive change and fresh thought to Parliament, not just an old guard Tory grandee seemingly out of touch with modern realities and clinging unquestioningly to the autocratic and deluded coattails of her leader Mrs May.”


Miranda Rhys WIlliams


Switching LibDem from Labour

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