Hi, I am Annabel Mullin.
I am leading Renew to
bring a fresh approach to politics.

Reject Brexit, Reform Politics, Renew UK

My story

I believe that the essential foundations for our lives are a home, education, aspiration, our environment and for an economy that is prosperous and sustains and nourishes us. A strong social framework and a robust economy are two sides of the same coin. These in tandem create opportunity, to provide a prosperous and responsible society that provides long-term solutions.

I believe that we must invest to make our country safe and secure, with access to homes, good welfare and health services, using smarter methods and systematic reform that creates a fairer society with an openness for a better future for the United Kingdom. My vision is neither left nor right but both left and right.

I am a specialist in criminal justice and have spent most of my career working in London. I worked as a Metropolitan Police Officer, an analyst, an assistant psychologist in the NHS, and I am now completing PhD in Criminology at UCL.

I am a mother of three young children, a keen environmentalist and an avid cyclist.


I got in to politics because, after working on the frontline as a police officer, as a mental health worker with those with severe and enduring mental illness, I was tired of picking up the pieces. Spending most of my life working within the criminal justice system dealing with the most vulnerable, I know that we can do this better. There are political solutions to the the problems that face us and I am driven particularly in the current climate where there is no voice of those who believe in a balanced and less ideologically driven extreme view.

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