Hi, I am Annabel Mullin
and I am running to be your
MP for Kensington

I am running to be the Liberal Democrat MP for Kensington

I believe in Kensington Values


I’m a passionate Remainer, and I was very upset with the result in June last year. Vote Leave made lots of promises during the campaign including investing an extra£350 million a week into the NHS. I am angry that the current MP for Kensington campaigned under this motto for the Vote Leave campaign, and then once the result had been announced called it ‘illustrative’. I am also concerned that, although 69% of Kensington residents campaigned to remain in the EU, Victoria Borwick voted to leave. She also voted against allowing EU nationals who currently live in Kensington to retain the right to stay once we leave the EU. I believe the duty of a politician is primarily to represent their constituents. Victoria Borwick has ignored the wishes of 69% of Kensington residents who voted to remain, and the 23% of Kensington residents who are EU citizens who live in Kensington. If I was elected I would serve my constituents and represent Kensington values.

Victoria Borwick campaigning to leave the EU

We can only speculate on how the local economy will be affected by a hard brexit. The campaigns run by both Vote Leave and Britain Stronger in Europe based their arguments on forecasts on what our new relationship with Europe might look like. Once we know for certain what this relationship will be, the British public should be able to decide if want to remain in Europe or leave the single market. I believe the residents of Kensington should be given the final decision on the new agreement with the European Union not political advisors. I also believe that EU citizens who contribute to our society and our community should be welcomed not deported. I want to represent Kensington values; opportunity, community and diversity. I don’t believe a Hard Brexit run by the Conservatives and Victoria Borwick represent any of these values.

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