Hi, I am Annabel Mullin
and I am running to be your
MP for Kensington

I am running to be the Liberal Democrat MP for Kensington

I believe in #KensingtonValues


It is well known that Jeremy Hunt and the Conservatives are privatising the NHS, and that Victoria Borwick does not represent the wishes of her constituents. She has not represented her constituents by supporting cuts to the NHS, and ignored the majority of Kensington residents who voted to remain in the EU.

Victoria Borwick also voted against allowing EU nationals, who currently live and work in Kensington, to remain in the UK once we leave the EU. A Hard Brexit backed by Victoria Borwick will cut 55,000 nurses from the NHS and endanger the lives of millions.

As someone who has worked in the NHS, I have seen firsthand how wonderful it can be but there are problems, and there is need for investment in one of our most cherished assets. I believe in Kensington Values; community, opportunity and diversity. If we can’t look after our children, war veterans and our elderly we are failing as a community. The Liberals Democrats are proposing a 1p in the pound tax which would be invested directly into the NHS and social care and would protect those who need it.

Tell me what you think?

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