Hi, I am Annabel Mullin
and I am running to be your
MP for Kensington

I am running to be the Liberal Democrat MP for Kensington

I believe in #KensingtonValues

Jobs and Economy

I want to increase the number of opportunities available to the residents of Kensington rather than restrict them. George Osborne, the ex-chancellor of the exchequer, recently said that the Conservatives were prioritizing immigration to the detriment of a growing economy. I used to work in the City and I and many colleagues lost their jobs in the recession in 2008. I believe if the Conservatives pursue a Hard Brexit the residents of Kensington will suffer. I firmly believe in Kensington values and want to represent Kensington.

Victoria Borwick takes her constituents for granted, and voted for triggering Article 50 despite 69% of her constituents voting for remain. I want to hold Victoria Borwick and her colleagues to account and stop a Hard Brexit.

Tell me what you think?

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