Hi, I am Annabel Mullin
I helped found Advance to
bring a fresh approach to politics

Working together!

I believe in #KensingtonValues


Advance Vision: Housing for people of average income is fundamental to the health and economic prosperity of individuals, communities, and the country. We have to be innovative and address structural problems s people in our community can stay here. The council needs to be and create  to  better reflect RBKC .

Advance Proposes:

Building and Management Innovation

  • Create a new K&C Housing Vehicle to replace the Kensington and Chelsea Tenancy Management Organisation that will be based on participation, engagement, collaboration, sense of ownership and innovation.  We think a Community Land Trust vehicle or a 51% Council owned and a 49% Alternative Investment Market (AIM) share vehicle is worth consideration.
  • This vehicle will allow RBKC to build homes.  With this structure there can be a guaranteed long-term rentals, along with private capped sales to specific income bracket (lower to middle earners) and for ‘home grown’ RBKC residents.

Planning Engagement

  • Hire an urban planner to work within the council and residents  to develop a plan for necessary social housing, public institutions, and economic development.
  • In the short term, broaden the remit of planning to consider the impact of construction and renovation on the immediate area.
  • Long term, devolve the analysis of planning issues to locally based planning committees under the oversight of  Mayor of RBKC.
  • Long term: Broad public participation in planning review and demographic analysis in the style of the Detroit Future City to develop a vision for RBKC that can act as a blueprint for planning decisions.

Community comes first

  • Absent landlords should contribute to the community by paying higher council taxes.
  • At a National level, we will lobby for change in Council Tax banding for RBKC.


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