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Reject Brexit, Reform Politics, Renew UK

Reject Brexit, Reform Politics, Renew UK

Environment and Energy

Environment and Energy

Renew knows that climate change is a critical issue facing the UK and the world. Clean Air is a human right. Green issues are as important for global balance as they are diverse, encompassing various issues such as clean energy, climate change, the circular economy, sustainable farming and food processing, environmental protection, pollution prevention, and biodiversity.

We also recognize the vital need for the UK to have cheap, secure and sustainable sources of energy for our economic growth, transitioning to a low carbon-producing world to reduce climate change is not going to be cheap. It also requires a diverse range of public and private sector activities. Renew believes, however, that moving to a low-carbon world will bring with it a wide range of commercial opportunities. We believe the UK has no long-term sustainable option but to invest in renewable energy sources and, that the UK must provide international leadership in the global efforts to reduce climate change.


  • Investment in infrastructure
    • Roll out electric charging points
    • Renewables, as an island nation our strength is particularly in offshore
    • Transport networks
  • Innovative technologies to reduce our impact on our world.
  • New Clean Air Act
  • Explore incentives to encourage all vehicles, particularly delivery vehicles, to cleaner options.


The majority of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, which adversely affect climate change, arise from the production and consumption of energy. Since the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, the shift towards a more desirable, climate responsible world has already started. However, it needs to be much faster and braver. Because the problem is structural, it needs to be addressed in a systematic way by taking comprehensive steps. Therefore, strong commitments and actions from all stakeholders are needed to achieve the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement. Ultimately, Our vision is to live in a world in which climate responsibility is part of the solution. We envision a world where individuals, corporations and public entities take more responsibility for the future of our planet. Economic profit and growth should not prevail over the wellbeing of people and the environment.


Renew knows that the UK must become much more energy efficient. We will need to move the economy towards an energy system based on fuels with low, or no-carbon, content, reducing our use of coal and gas-fired power. The UK will also need to explore the value of new technologies such as carbon capture and storage in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Renew knows that as an island nation it has the enormous potential to harness a great deal of offshore wind, alongside onshore wind, but knows that has implications for marine life.

Renew recognizes the benefits of nuclear energy regarding its low carbon footprint. However, we are cautious about encouraging investment in major new nuclear power-generating facilities for a range of reasons: their history of escalating costs and large public subsidies, the likelihood that encouraging new nuclear energy facilities will lower investment in alternative renewable energy sources, the risks of catastrophic failure as has occurred in a range of countries around the world, and the long-term dangers and costs of dealing with nuclear waste. We do understand, however, that new, and potentially smaller, nuclear plants may mitigate some of these problems.

Renew knows that there is a dire need to lower the many different types of pollution in the UK, including air, water and natural habitat pollution. We will encourage business to invest in creating clean jobs, and business and households to increase recycling. We will promote the adoption of the “Polluter-Pays” principle.


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