Hi, I am Annabel Mullin
I helped found Advance to
bring a fresh approach to politics

Working together!

I believe in #KensingtonValues


Local justice is the essence of feeling safe and secure in your home. Whilst London is our city, RBKC is our community and an extension of our home and we want to protect all who live in it.

Current Story: Government’s austerity program and now the Mayor are looking at short term wins like selling off the local police station and hollowing out the force. Proactive policing and local knowledge will be lost.

Advance Vision: Being able to report crime locally is key, as both residents and criminals know there are police officers nearby to rescue /stop you. When you’ve had £20,000 of goods stolen from your stall, all you want is your beat bobby to help.

  • Fight the closure of the police station.
  • Lobby against the Government’s continued austerity policy.

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