Hi, I am Annabel Mullin
and I am running to be your
MP for Kensington

I am running to be the Liberal Democrat MP for Kensington

I believe in #KensingtonValues

Coalition with Corbyn

I’m running to become your representative in Parliament because I want to represent Kensington values. I am deeply concerned that although 69% of Kensington residents campaigned to remain in the EU Victoria Borwick voted to leave. She also voted against EU nationals who currently live in Kensington to stay in the UK once we have left the EU.

I don’t believe Victoria Borwick represents Kensington values, and I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn represents the interests of Kensington. He recently confirmed his anti-EU views, which many already suspected, by announcing that ‘Brexit is settled’. I don’t believe we should leave the EU at any cost. For me, my principles come first and I would not be prepared to water them down in order to get into power. I would therefore not to be prepared to go into coalition with Jeremy Corbyn.

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