Hi, I am Annabel Mullin
I helped found Advance to
bring a fresh approach to politics

Working together!

My story

I was born and raised in Kensington and Chelsea and have a profound connection to my old home. I believe that social justice and a strong economy are two sides of the same coin. Where one is prioritised over the other there is a need for rebalance.  Only in this way can we create homes, opportunity and invest in our community.

I am a specialist in criminal justice and have spent most of my career working in London. I worked as a Metropolitan Police Officer, an analyst, an assistant psychologist in the NHS, and I am now completing PhD in Criminology at UCL.

I am a mother of three young children, a keen environmentalist and an avid cyclist.


I got in to politics because, after working on the frontline as a police officer, as a mental health worker with those with severe and enduring mental illness, I was tired of picking up the pieces. Spending most of my life working within the criminal justice system dealing with the most vulnerable, I know that we can do this better. For me the home is central, everything stems from the home. Whether that be the physical or  mental home. We must invest to build, create, deliver, prevent harm and produce strategies for dealing with issues and then we will provide a better quality of life for all.


Because I grew up in this borough, because my parents still live here, because I have spent the best part of the last two years campaigning here and because I have made good friends and watched a heart wrenching catastrophe I am committed to helping improve the quality of life for everyone who lives and works in Kensington & Chelsea. We want to invest in housing, we want those who live in this borough to have a say to how their homes are looked after, we want to invest in technologies and innovation to help business and combat air pollution by introducing new measures in classrooms and on the streets.

London is successful in part because it is part of the European Union and because 24% of the residents are expats who have made their home her. I have experience working in the City, and I believe, like many Londoners, that opportunity and prosperity go hand-in-hand. The City, from where 11.5% of public tax revenues come, would be badly damaged if London left the single market. This would have damaging consequences for our public finances and investment in the NHS, local schools, and local hospitals. It would also restrict, rather than widen, opportunities for the residents of Kensington and Chelsea.

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